Retirement Savings Resources


Getting Help

Stanford provides many resources to help you plan for your retirement. In addition, Stanford’s investment providers can help you think about how your contributions and investments can meet your savings goals.

Investment Counselors

Financial advisorsInvestment Counselor Appointments
List of appointment times for meeting with an investment counselor; includes how to schedule.
from our investment providers are available on campus to help you make investment decisions that will meet your financial goals. Feel free to make an annual appointment to see if your savings remain on track with your changing financial goals. Call or go to the designated Website of each investment provider to schedule an appointment.

Retirement Workshops

Stanford offers workshops to help you prepare for retirement. Watch the recorded workshop, Retirement Plan Refresher Presentation for information on the Stanford Contributory Retirement Plan and how it works. Check the Benefits Calendar to find the next monthly informational meeting on healthcare in retirement, or view the recorded session.

Other Resources

Here are some other resources to help you manage your retirement savings:

  • Get started by reading Retirement Savings Enrollment GuideRetirement Savings Enrollment Guide
    Guide about the different types of accounts available at Stanford to invest/save for retirement. Includes tax-deferred accounts (TDA) and contributory retirement accounts (CRA).
  • Use the Before-Tax CalculatorBefore-Tax Calculator
    Spreadsheet to calculate your maximum retirement contributions and track your contributions through the year
    to determine how to maximize your annual contributions.
  • Get help on How to Decide Your Contribution AmountHow to Decide Your Retirement Savings Contribution Amount
    Describes strategies to choose how much to contribute to different retirement accounts.
  • Learn about the Annual Contribution LimitsStanford Contribution Retirement Plan (SCRP): 2015 Contribution Limits
    Summary of contribution limits for different types of retirement savings; includes some not offered by Stanford.
  • Read Taxes and Penalties on Retirement Plan DistributionsStanford Contributory Retirement Plan (SCRP): Taxes and Penalties on Plan Distributions
    Discusses taxes and penalties for taking retirement out early, and how to avoid them.
    if you plan to take money out of the Stanford Contributory Retirement Account.
  • Learn more about How to Request a LoanStanford Contributory Retirement Plan (SCRP): How to Request a Loan
    Lists requirements for taking a loan from a retirement account.
  • Get more information on How to Request a Hardship DistributionStanford Contributory Retirement Plan (SCRP): How to Request a Hardship Distribution
    Describes how to request a withdrawal from retirement plans in case of financial hardship (home purchase, college expenses, protection from eviction/foreclosure, medical expenses, funeral/burial costs, expenses for home repair due to casualty).
  • Download the Retirement Plan Hardship ApplicationRetirement Plan Hardship Application (TIAA-CREF)
    Form to apply to withdraw TIAA-CREF funds for reasons of hardship. "Hardships" include home buying, college tuition, medical expenses, eviction/foreclosure prevention, some burial/funeral expenses, casualty-related repairs to residence.

The Retirement Savings section of the Stanford Benefits website provides a summary of eligibility, coverage, vesting, retirement options, payment options and other subjects related to retirement savings. However, the official Plan Documents, together with certain annuity contracts and custodial agreements with investment providers (all as amended from time-to-time) govern Plan operation, and the determination and payment of benefits. In the event of any conflict between the information in this section and the official Plan Documents or any of the annuity contracts or custodial agreements, the Plan Document, annuity contract, or custodial agreement will govern.