Life Events Overview

Things Change

At Stanford, we know things change, and we want to help you prepare for whatever comes your way — good, bad or just different. A change in your personal or work life can change your benefits. When a "life event" takes place, you may make mid-year changes to some or all of your benefit elections. This section includes information on the following life events:


Whether embarking on a new commitment or ending an existing one, find out what can change for you and your spouse/partner's benefits.


A new child changes everything, even your benefits. Learn about what you need to do with your benefits when you have a new child, or when your child gains or loses coverage. Also find out about Stanford's maternity, adoption and child care benefits.


Before you take time off — whether for family leave, disability or otherwise — make sure your benefits are covered.


A job change for you or your spouse/domestic partner can affect your benefit eligibility. Keep up with your benefits coverage when you start a new job, go from part-time to full-time (and back again), retire or leave your job.


Other life events — such as an unanticipated injury, death or even a name or address change — may impact your benefits.